Teenage Fiction

MADDOCKS, or how to discover America

A thrilling yet moving novel for teenagers – the story of a boy on the run who has mysterious links with Madoc, the Welsh prince who is said to have discovered America in the 12th century. Maddocks is unhappy, longing for the unbroken family he never had, and for his absent father - his idealised picture of whom little matches the reality. Not trusting the love of his stepfather and stepbrother, he runs away from his home in Wales to Ireland. David, his stepbrother, sets off in search of him. But running like an undercurrent beneath the surface is another journey westwards, over eight hundred years before...

"Full of feeling and fine writing..." (The School Librarian, Aug. 1999)

"A well-told tale that is both entertaining and thought-provoking..." (Ninnau, Nov. 1999)

Published by Pont Books (Gomer Press) 1999


Price: £5.00

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