A drama of divided loyalties, and a vivid exploration of the conflict between the constraints of convention and the right to freedom of the individual, this book is a good deal more than the romantic novel that it first appears to be. Set in the 1920s, against the background of the miners' strike, it follows a young Englishwoman living in West Wales through a period of intense emotional crisis, when she must face the challenge of being true to herself against all the odds.

FAY WELDON has described this book as "...a massive and thorough work: a dramatised history, intelligent, fair and perspicacious..."

LANDSKER WINS TOP AWARD! This book was 2004 winner of the RNA New Writers award.

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  • Brenda Squires
  • Format: Paperback
  • No. Pages: 340
  • ISBN: 1 899530 16 9

Price: £9.99

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