IN CAEVOEIRO by Peter Oram

Peter Oram

IN CARVOEIRO AND OTHER SEQUENCES Paperback – December 7, 2015


"In Carvoeiro & Other Sequences" has beautiful lyrical impact in its unusual and startling capacity for making language new in its arrangements and phrases. It also stood out through the sophisticated mastery of closed and open forms contained within it. The sonnet sequence is stunning. It is very difficult to write in this strict form with the naturalness of measured voice that Peter Oram achieves. This contrasts well against the looser, spacious and organic verse sequence 'Six Premature Ejaculations' that shows daring in both form and content." - Bob Beagrie & Andy Willoughby

Peter Oram was born in Cardiff in 1947, and has first class honours degrees in modern languages and composition. He has been active as writer, composer, translator, painter and guitarist. His publications include the novels Maddocks (Gomer 1997) and The Rub (Starborn 2001), The Page and the Fire (translations from the Russian, Arc 2007), three volumes of Rilke's French poetry in English translation; two volumes of poetry, White and Tease it Free (Starborn 2001 and 2012). He now lives in Germany near Nuremberg.



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