COUNTRY BOY Reminiscences 1947-1972

Paul Groves’ account of a journey from the innocence of childhood to the first independent achievements of adulthood, via the hazardous straits of adolescence, will strike a familiar chord with many a reader whose formative years were the sixties and seventies. Yet it is not only this sharing of common experiences which makes this book, once started, so hard to put down, but also the reader’s inevitable delight in the colour and flow of the narrative, and in what Craig Raine has called Groves’ “technical skill, crisp imagery, intelligent irony, and an attractively sour outlook on life”. Such qualities are particularly evident in the later chapters, where religion has to face the wholly unfair competition of sex and, of course, loses.

PAUL GROVES (born 1947) is an established and widely recognised poet, whose work has been acknowledged by his winning of numerous prizes, including theTimes Literary Supplement Prize, the Orbis International Prize, The Charterhouse Award, and the Bournemouth Festival Award. Four collections of his poetry have been published, and a fifth is to appear shortly. Paul Groves has worked for nearly twenty years as a lecturer in creative writing, and has given countless readings of his work, both live and on television and radio.

ISBN 978 1 899530 21 2

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