GEOFFREY TØYE’S remarkable new book is a detailed training manual for clear thinking and for the avoidance of all those often unconscious pitfalls and prejudices that lie in the way on the search for truth. The often demanding principles of logic as applied to forensics and criminal investigation are presented clearly and intelligibly, and illuminated by many real-life examples and often amusing anecdotes.

“THIS MOST VALUABLE BOOK should be on the reading list of every lawyer, forensic scientist, pathologist and police officer... A masterly exposition of the subject... Given the surge in recent years of... serious flaws in the legal process, a start in improving the appreciation of what is truth and how may it be obtained would be very welcome, and I commend this important treatise as not just a step, but a long stride along that road...”

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  • Geoffrey Toye
  • Format: Paperback
  • No. Pages: 216
  • ISBN: 978 1 899530 19 9

Price: £14.99

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