HOLM by Peter Naumann


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Paperback with flaps, 98 pp  ISBN 978 1 899530 50 2   price  £7.50

Peter Naumann made his striking debut as a poet in 2014 with the publication of his first book WINTER COUNT.

Holm, at once oak and island, evokes Bristol and its environs, where Peter Naumann’s new poems were made. The dark-leaved
mediterranean tree which contributes so much to the city’s mosaic of light and shadow, and the domed islands in the Severn, stepping
stones on the way to Wales by water, can each stand as figures for a place – and a time – which, though by turns cryptic, lonely, and
precarious, nevertheless retains a sly humour and a stubborn faith, and somehow remains home.

Samantha Wynne Rhydderch said of Peter Naumann’s
previous collection, Winter Count: "The poems are like
x-rays, revealing the unseen
essence of people and the
objects they live with."

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Price: £7.50

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