Although this is the first collection by Cardigan poet Paul Steffan Jones, he is already well represented in the better poetry magazines, and it can only serve to consolidate and enhance his status as a poet with a strikingly original voice. He draws a potent personal mythology out of the Welsh landscape, penetrating its dark, visceral essence and illuminating with a curious light its intimate interior.

“You will only know your true name
when it is almost too late
and the buttercups burst through each pore
to make a bouquet of you...”

“He writes like no one else. Paul Steffan Jones’ poems in their squeakily hinged way… smash a poetry shaped fist through the dull inertia found on 99% of bookshops’ poetry shelves...”
Peter Knaggs (Editor, The Slab)

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  • Paul Steffan Jones
  • Format: Hardback
  • No. Pages: 66
  • ISBN: 1978899530366

Price: £11.00

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