Illustrations by Diane Walkey and Peggy Lindig.

This little book is a compilation of all the verses in books 1 and 2 of 'Windows Open Wide", gathered together on their own primarily as a resource book for teachers who find such material useful for their classes but who may not want to use a classroom language-book at this stage - or for those who ARE using W.O.W. but would also appreciate the convenience of having verses easily to hand in a separate volume. However it may also be seen simply a collection of humorous verse for young children - or as a first adventure into the patterns and structures of the English language, and as such will not only entertain and amuse but also accustom the reader to the way that language works and lead him or her to a gradual understanding of grammar, syntax and idiom. It may be used to great advantage by teachers of quite a wide range of age groups, since the verses, while straightforward and simple and sometimes in the ‘nonsense’ tradition, are not silly or condescending, and it is hoped that the book will find a welcome particularly in special needs and literacy classes. Each verse deals with a specific point of grammar, usage or, in one or two cases, vocabulary groups; these are indicated in the index in brackets after each title for the benefit of teacher or parent. Many of the verses are rhythm-based, i.e. they are at their best when recited boldly and rhythmically, perhaps by the whole group, which can be split into two for the several items that are in dialogue form. Such work will help to imprint the various patterns in the minds of the pupils, and bring liveliness and fun into the class.

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  • Peter Oram

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