CIACONA for solo violin

CARLOS PERÓN CANO (violinist and composer)
Born in 1976 in Madrid, Carlos Perón Cano has composed over 220 works and has some 50 premieres under his belt. He has conducted his compositions with many acclaimed orchestras, such as the Symphonic Opera Orchestra of San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid). His works have been played and premiered not only all over Spain but also in Mexico, France, Malaysia, Peru, England, Germany, Austria (Aspekte Festival) and in Turkey (XIX International Music Festival of Ankara).

The CIACONA is a concert work for solo violin in a bold contemporary idiom, yet with a structure and compositional intent reminiscent of the celebrated Chaconne of J.S. Bach.

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  • Carlos Peron Cano

Price: £8.00

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