IN FOR THE CRAIC! Ten Irish Jigs and Reels for Solo Guitar

A brand new set of arrangements of the kind of tunes that after only one or two hearings you can't get out of your head! Excellent material for building dexterity in players around Grade 4 or 5.

Contents: 1. Drowsy Maggie, 2. The Red-haired Boy, 3. O'Keefe's Slide, 4. Soldier's Joy, 5. Gilbert's Tipple, 6.Kitty Magee, 7. The Kid on the Mountain,
8. Smash the Windows, 9. Miss Cumberledge's Fancy, 10. Gravel Walks.

To hear all the tunes, in the above sequence and without repeats, click HERE

Starborn Guitar 030

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  • Roger Winfield
  • Format: Sheet Music

Price: £5.00

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