SIX FRENCH FOLK SONGS arr. for Classical Guitar Duet

arranged for Classical Guitar Duet by Peter Oram.

Now collected into one volume, with both score (unfingered) and parts (fingered) provided, this set is a substantial contribution to the duo performance repertoire, for players of Grade 5/6 or above, with strongly contrasted pieces in contemporary settings that nevertheless retain the modal flavour of the original songs.

1. Le Rommelpot, 2. Quand mon père il m'a mariée, 3. On m'envoyait au bois, 4. C'était Anne de Bretagne, 5. La belle au jardin de l'amour, 6. Ah! C'est un jour de Pâques

Starborn Guitar SG 032

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  • Peter Oram
  • Format: Sheet Music

Price: £12.00

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